We should all think positively. Many researchers will tell you it’s psychologically healthy to be optimistic or even just to smile at least once a day. Unfortunately it is extremely hard to remain entirely faithful to this at all times especially in our current climate – Unless you are Casey Lowry. He delivers sunshine on the gloomiest of days with his warm, uplifting indie-pop and does it with a jubilant grin on his face. 


Your latest EP ‘Nervous’ was released this year, does the title reflect how you feel before releasing new material?
Not massively. I don’t have millions of fans but the ones I do have are so amazingly supportive with anything I bring out I always tend to feel ok about it.

How do you feel it has been received?
Good! I was scared there would be a few too many guitars for some people but everyone seems to be loving it.

Have you celebrated the release of the EP yet?
Maybe a little bit too hard, think I need a week off to recover.

You’ve often been described as an extremely positive artist. In a world full of cynicism, how do you maintain that joyous sound in your music?
I’ve always found enjoyment from listening to what I would describe as ‘sunkissed’ sounds that take you to a different place and I think all music should do that even if I’m not feeling it at that point.

What’s something that makes you feel happy that isn’t related to music?
MY DOG, he’s just a bundle of fluff that throws around unconditional love.

You previously have mentioned that you believe it’s important to have a captivating stage presence when performing. Is there a lack of that within your genre of indie-pop?
I wish, would make my life a lot easier (laughs). Loads of people in my genre have hugely captivating personalities on stage, I just sometimes wish they would interact with the audience more on a human level.

The shows you play are renowned for your captivating presence. What is the key to engaging an audience?

My thing is speaking as if you would off stage just meeting them outside, it makes the show personal

As an upcoming artist in the industry, what is your advice to those that are starting out?
The hours you have to put in are absolutely fucked but keep your head up because it’s worth it! So yeah, basically just to keep looking forward.

Where do you hope to be in this very moment in ten years’ time?
In my little burrito shop on a beach with friends and a corona.

Photography: Niklas Haze, Styling: Domenico Landolfi, Make Up: Rebecca Hampson, Words: Jack Bartholomew, Photo Assistant: Alex Kim