Villains play a prominent role in the world of film, theatre and popular culture. Bastille frontman Dan Smith is no stranger to cinema. In fact before he became a musician, his ambition was to become a film critic. Dan’s passion was especially ignited when portraying the roles of insane movie characters troughout our cover shoot for the INSANITY ISSUE. When he immersed himself in these characters, the result was almost antithetical to Dan’s exuberent and bubbly persona. There is a certain vague and maniacal insanity in his eyes, which was in line with the theme of our issue and was channeling and inspired by his favourite director, Stanley Kubrick. We sat down right after the shoot to discuss Dan’s favourite movie characters and the growing importance of mental health in our modern society.

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Video Director: Adrien Brauge Sound: Oscar Perez Pelaez Editing: Manolo Suaréz