Imagine this scenario: you’re stranded in a damp, deserted city with nothing but acid in your system, aimlessly wandering the streets attempting to adjust to your surroundings yet anything that remotely resembles reality turns into ash immediately. If this sounds appealing to you then you’ll adore the bizarro qualities of Grouplove who are prepared to launch your mind into their boisterous dimension. Since scoring their brush on the mainstream with ‘Tongue Tied’ which went gold in Australia and Canada peaking at number one in the Billboard Alternative songs chart, the band have been playing to venues and releasing music for their dedicated fan base. Now in 2020, the band can distract us from the coronavirus crisis and provide a drop of colour on our drab society and what can be wrong with that? We speak to Grouplove about their current tour, their anticipated new album ‘Healer’ and adapting in the ever shaping industry.

9/10: You just did a huge tour, what’s your favourite thing about being on the road?
Grouplove: The shows, the shows and the shows. Everything else sorta blurs into one large blob.

Is it ever daunting with the sheer amount of tour dates?
The only daunting thing would be having no tour dates.

After previously playing to huge capacities such as Lollapalooza, do you ever find yourself nervous before going onstage?
Intimate shows are always the most nerve racking, but inevitably fulfilling for me. There is nothing to hide behind when you are that close to the audience - and that’s a beautiful, terrifying thing.

Your new album ‘Healer’ is being released very soon, are you eager for the public to hear it?
Hell yes. It’s been an insane journey making this album with my brain surgery and recovery smack dab in the middle of it all. There is no better time for Healer to come out than now.

This is your first release in four years. Throughout your career you’ve kept your distinctive sound but there’s definitely been a shift when you compare your debut album ‘Never Trust A Happy Song’ to your more recent releases. What can you expect from this album?
Thank god there’s been a shift - that symbolizes growth and we wrote that album over ten years ago. You can expect honesty, freedom and endless vibes on Healer.

When releasing a new album, what is your favourite moment in the process?
Once the music is done, putting all the visuals together, stage clothes, packaging, tour posters and all the colourful things you see.

There’s been a lot of achievements throughout your career including the single ‘Tongue Tied’ going to platinum after hitting the charts at #1 in 2012. In retrospect, has there been a particular moment in your career where you had the realisation that you’d made it as band?
There was this wild day the band was stuck out on a broken motor boat in a barren lake in Minnesota - no cell service and it was getting dark. We waived down two salty fisherman on their boat who agreed to tow us back to shore. While we were being towed ‘Colours’ came on their FM radio. We told 'em it was us and they didn’t believe it.

The alternative rock scene hasn’t been as prominent in the charts for a while. Being in the current scene what’s your standpoint on the current industry? Do you think it lacks the mainstream appeal that singles such as ‘Tongue Tied’ received?
I think the shit that cuts through cuts through and when it lasts it’s a testament to the quality of the song.

As a band that started eight years ago when rock as a genre was more commercial, do you feel it’s important to keep adapting and evolving in the current shifting industry?
I think it’s important to stay true to your own unique voice.

What can we expect from Grouplove in the future?
Lots of Martinis.

Photography: Niklas Haze Fashion: Carla Casati Rollieri Make Up: Ellie Morris   Words: Jack Bathomolew Photo Assistance: Alex Kim