How many times have you been to a pop concert and forgotten about a support act? You probably walked out reminiscing the headliner but can’t even attempt to gather memories of that artist. Even the vaguest hum of one their songs is impossible to replicate. It happens too many times. Thankfully, when supporting The Vamps there were plenty of new members to the New Hope (fan) Club. They now embark on their first UK headline tour playing infamous venues with capacities some groups fawn over in their fantasies before their first album is even released. If that sounds scrumptious enough, since forming four years ago they’ve had a number one EP in ten different countries, over 160 Million total streams, collaborated with Danna Paola and a sold out show at Shepherd’s Bush Empire… Phew, that’s a mouthful! We speak to the group ahead of their 2020 debut album release about life on the road, their achievements and working with Danna Paola.

Q: You’re currently embarking on your first ever headline UK tour at the moment. How’s it going?
A: Honestly it has been incredible. A dream come true; ever since we started the band, our dream was to do our own headline tour! We got to do a whole UK & Ireland tour, but that’s not all... we also got to go to Europe, Asia, the USA & Canada. We have had a great time and would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to come down to the shows. We love you all and we hope we can see you soon.

After previously supporting The Vamps on their arena tour, is it more or less nerving playing in front of your own audience?
It is pretty nerve racking because everyone is there to see you. We loved supporting but it’s a complete different experience being the headline act. It’s super scary but after the first song you sort of fall into it and it’s so much fun. The fans are so loud so they manage to cover up any little mistakes that we make (laughs).

What’s your biggest fear whilst performing on stage?
The biggest fear I have is falling over. I’ve come close many times, but I always manage to stay on my feet. I could imagine falling flat on my face one day but that day is yet to come and hopefully for the foreseeable future.

Since forming in 2015 you have had multiple achievements. Do you ever find it daunting that your success has shifted so quickly?
We are taking things as they come, we have been together now for 4 years and just been working hard. We are having the best time! We are living our dream; we have always wanted to do this so we are so happy that it is happening. All the amazing fans who have supported us either from the start or as of a couple of days ago, have made this happen and made us be able to do this so thank you.

In your new single ‘Know Me Too Well’ which has been performed on the tour you collaborated with Danna Paola. What was it like meeting her?
She is so lovely. We actually met her for the first time at the music video shoot and she sounds great on the track. We thought that the song had that Latin vibe so she jumped on it and brought a whole new dimension to it. We loved it the first time we heard it with her on. Danna came out and sang the song with us at our headline show at the Shepherds Bush Empire recently, it was really cool as the song had come out that day and we surprised our fans with her coming on and singing with us! I’m sure we will sing the song again with her sometime soon.

If you could collaborate with anyone who would you choose?
We get asked this a lot. I mean there are loads of people we would love to collaborate with but the dream for us would be Paul McCartney. We are huge Beatles fans and this would blow our minds (laughs). However other artists such as Ed Sheeran would be really cool as he is an incredible writer.

Next month you’re heading back to Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Indonesia. What’s the first thing you’re going to pack before heading there?
We are indeed, we are heading there very soon. We can’t wait we love being in Asia, it’s so beautiful. The first thing that I’d pack would probably be my swimming trunks as there is always a pool around so would love to go for a swim after the show or just whenever really.

Do you ever feel homesick when travelling beyond the UK especially only being at the early stages of your career?
Of course, I think it’s natural that you miss your home and your family etc. We try to make the most of modern technology by FaceTiming our parents whenever we can and keeping them updated with what we are doing. On the other hand though we are young and we love travelling. We are having so much fun seeing the world.

Your debut album is being released February of next year, how does it compare to your first two E.P’s? 
Yes our first ever album is out in February, it’s actually available for pre-order now which is crazy! It’s finally happening and we couldn’t be more excited. We feel that the EP‘s previously were a great representation as to where we were musically at the time. The whole feel of the album we be similar with what is already out but we also wanted to get a little creative so you will also hear some new things as well. This album will be our first big release and it will be the most up to date New Hope Club project. We seriously can’t wait for you to hear this album.

Photography: Niklas Haze Words: Jack Bartholomew