Music is in SiR’s DNA. It runs through his lineage, shines in his music, and is making waves with every song he releases. His latest project ‘Chasing Summer’ has really made a firm stamp on the music scene, and with the California native’s brother D Smoke also making a name for himself in the Rap game after rising to stardom on the popular Netflix music competition show ‘Rhythm & Flow’,  it’s clear that SiR’s substantive approach to his singing and songwriting is deep-rooted. During his upbringing, SiR’s musically inclined family have most certainly had a pivotal impact upon the trajectory of not only the development of his wide-ranging musical talents, but also on the growth and maturity in him as an individual. We had the pleasure of sitting down and speaking to Inglewood’s SiR, to talk about all things influential in making him the free-spirited artist he is today.


You have Inglewood tattooed on your hand, how important is Inglewood to you?
I’m a 3rd generation Inglewoodian. The city has done so much for my family and for me and my development as a man. I could never forget where I come from.

Was it hard to resist your surroundings and follow your own path?
Very. Staying focused is still something I battle with on a daily basis. But, thankfully, I have my family helping me stay grounded.

Was growing up in Inglewood essential for your later path/ becoming a musician?
Not exactly. Inglewood helped shape me as a man. My mother blessed me and my brothers with our musical gifts growing up, but she could’ve done that anywhere. The combination of the two help to shape the music I create.

Who have been your biggest influences?
Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z, John Mayer, D Smoke, My mother, my father, and my wife.

How important is church to you?
Church was definitely a big part of my life growing up, but as I learned more about God I realize how the institution isn’t the only way to find God. I find myself fellowshipping with other like minded Christians everywhere I go.

You collaborated with some of the biggest musicians of our time, how has that changed your style and your approach to creating music?
It hasn’t changed me much. I’m used to working with talented musicians. I’m grateful for the wisdom I was blessed to gain though spending time with such great artists, but my approach is the same. I just try to make the best song possible.

‘Hair Down' with Kendrick is your most streamed song so far, how was it to work with him?
It was/is an honor to work with one of the greatest artists of our generation. He’s super humble, and his work ethic is unmatched.

The bigger the stage, the faker the fakes. How do you resist false influences and fake people in this often fake world?
I keep my family close. They help keep me on the right path.

As mentioned, you seem to inspire some great artists, what inspires you?
I’m inspired mostly by my brother D smoke. Seeing him get the recognition he deserves makes me want to work that much harder to perfect my own craft.

In comparison to other RnB music your style stands out in a number of ways, for example the way you celebrate women rather than materialising them. Do you feel like this could be the future of RnB?
Yes, but it’s only a small piece to a large puzzle. R&B has so many sides. The good and the bad have been showcased for so many years. I feel like I can only show things how I see them. There are so many up and coming artists showcasing what R&B has to offer the world. In my professional opinion, we have so much more in store for the future.

What are your goals? What can we expect from SIR in the new decade?
I just want to keep releasing quality music. I hope to continue improving as a musician, and one day help other young musicians find their way.

Are you and your brother D Smoke planning  an album together sometime in the future?

Photography: Niklas Haze, Art Direction: Constantin Gust, Styling: Kirubel Belay, Make Up: Ellie Morris, Interview: Reece Stewart, Photo Assistant: Alex Kim